In These Days of Increased ISO certification lead-generation costs, creating high value leads requires high value tools

With our ISO Certification Leads Program, we offer ISO 9001 lead-generation tools (i.e. white papers, reports and certification preparation tools) on a non-branded basis. Our strategy increases lead generation efficiency, allowing us to offer more highly qualified leads at a fixed cost.


Do you know how much each of your lead-generating methods costs per lead? Have you considered individual costs for:

  • Trade shows/conferences
  • White papers/reports
  • Online tools
  • Webinars
  • Search engine optimization
  • Pay per click/online ads
  • Personal networking/referrals

Whether using an agency, or engaging in lead generation internally, there are always costs that can be difficult to identify and control.

Our Program Allows You To Stay in Touch with Prospects Throughout Their Buying Cycle

The above is an example of one of our interactive tools that offers a thorough checklist (with over 130 compliance status checks) for companies to self-assess their readiness for standard compliance - with the option to submit specific questions and access relevant articles for help interpreting the requirements of the standard. While "single touch" lead generation is common in many industries, it limits the value you get from a lead. Our tools typically foster more contact with the lead by offering to answer ongoing questions. These will be passed on to you on an exclusive basis, as long as they are answered promptly.

This helps build a true relationship with the prospect, and typically results in a higher closure rate and less comparison shopping. It’s a great way to better understand where they are in the registration process while offering a valuable service.

The Risk-Free Lead-Development Process
Our ISO Certification Leads Program can reduce the cost associated with lead capture and simplify your lead generation strategy. Other benefits include:
  • Increased lead volume
  • Better lead quality
  • Freedom to customize the program to meet your company’s needs
  • Less administration and overhead costs
  • More sales support and information for close-ratio improvement
  • Direct cost-per-lead comparability to other approaches

To mutually improve the lead conversion/sales closing process, we offer a once-per-month review meeting where we go over lead results. More customized lead generating services are also available. (For example, we have the option of recording actual outbound sales calls and also using a preliminary pre-qualification process to gage lead quality.)

It's simple, it's effective and it's remarkably unique, so what's not to like?

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We offer ISO 9001 lead generation tools on a non-branded basis. This allows us to position ourselves as more altruistic. We are able to solicit more specific questions on where the prospect is in the ISO registration process, and what problems they are experiencing. These tools can include:

  • Interactive gap checklists that let the user "test" their organization's ISO certification readiness
  • Topic-oriented whitepapers and briefings that expand and explain each section of the standard and what auditors will be looking for.
  • Transcriptions of popular webinars and other recorded sessions in which ISO registration topics are explained.
  • Documentation aids such as quality procedure templates and manuals.
The result is a a higher expectation of lead development return on investment because we bear the often expensive and time-consuming cost of lead-generating materials creation.
You will receive information available from the initial sign ups and any additional questions they ask to you for your immediate contact. The lead is exclusive to your organization and will not be given to anyone else This means:.

  • The ability to reach a prospective buyer earlier in the buying process, reducing the chance for "comparison shopping"
  • The opportunity to establish an ongoing relationship
  • Ability to influence the prospect to use your approach, tools, advice and training to the prospect (depending on what your organization offers)
  • A better qualified lead, since you can ask questions about company size, registration timetable, reason for registration, etc.
Having a well-qualified lead quickly, before anyone else is the key to getting higher close ratios and profit margins, period.
Unlike other lead generation programs which typically vary greatly in cost, our program guarantees you pay the contracted fee per lead. This means you are immune from performance variabilities created by the content being offered, the medium being used, timing and other factors. We determine our fees on a cooperative basis with you based on these factors: This fee is determined by

  • The quantity of leads you purchase per month, with higher volumes of leads typically resulting in lower cost per lead fees being negotiated
  • The type of lead generation tools being used
  • The level and type of lead support needed such as call profiling, systems for pre-qualification, contact information verification, interest-tracking and other items
Fixed-fee for qualified ISO certification lead generation moves the risk from you to us. We are successful because this is what we specialize in and can focus and improve the process continually, much better than you or your staff doing this on an intermittent basis, in between providing your services and making actual sales calls.
In our program, you commit to a maximum number of leads per month. (Minimum lead numbers are determined solely by how many leads are available.) This allows you to decide ahead of time what your monthly lead-development costs will be. The program includes:

  • The ability to contest an invalid lead immediately, since leads are billed to your account as they are created (invalid leads can include duplicates, leads without all information provided, or with false information provided)
  • Stopping the program anytime with just a 30-day notice to finish out the billing month
  • The ability to increase or decrease lead counts up to 2 times per month
All this means no cost surprises, and no need to project or estimate costs which can lead to innacuracies.

If you would like to try the program, we can supply a certain number of leads for your evaluation at no cost. Please contact us to work out specific arrangements.

Save money and gain the power of placing our tested, continuously improved lead-generation tools on your own website

If you are a management standards registrar, consultant, trainer, software provider or other management standards supplier that might like to help your potential customers understand where they are in the ISO 9001 certification process, contact us about hosting some of our lead-generating assets on your website. Our interactive approaches range from a thorough checklist for companies to self-assess their readiness for standard compliance to top-notch educational materials and more. It’s a great way to start relationships with potential clients and better understand where they are in the registration process while offering a valuable service. We offer partnerships that take any cost risk out of the process for you.