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Here's a Quick Checkup That Helps You Decide Where Your Site May Have SEO Weaknesses

Just like your yearly personal health exam, it's good to get a read on whether your website is from a search engine optimization perspective. And while it's just a checkup, it can point the way to areas that need more examination, or a more comprehensive audit done on a personalized basis.

Key Areas The Report Examines

As with any SEO audit, there are many things to consider since Google and the other search engines reportedly can use over 200 "ranking signals" in determining where to rank your site. No typical automated audit can check all of these, which is why we offer a more comprehensive (but still free) in-depth SEO and business audit, looking at the same factors we review when providing our pay-for-performance SEO service. However, for a first touch, our automated audit is an excellent start.

Take The Instant SEO Audit and See Where You Stand, It's FREE!

This tool is a great way to determine general SEO issues including site-domain authority, on-page SEO issues and other factors that can affect SEO rankings like server download speed and missing links and page references. If you find issues (or want to know more), ask us to do a more comprehensive, but still free, personalized website audit. Just contact us and request "personal SEO" audit and we'll take it from there.

Here are just some of the areas our automated, real-time SEO audit covers:
  • The authority level of your domain (based on factors such as Google Pagerank, Moz Rank, Alexa and our own computed average) and social media mentions.
  • On page SEO including missing or duplicated titles, descriptions, H1 tags, SEO friendly URLs, broken links and more.
  • Server response and failed page tests, download speed, safe browsing virus status among others.
  • Content quality including duplication, pages that don't contain enough content, HTML errors.
If you enter your base URL, the audit will return up to ten pages, which can give you a general idea of where you stand. If you have concerns about specific pages, just enter those pages using the full URL and you will get an audit that checks on-page SEO items for those specific pages.

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