Not Ready for Performance-Based SEO and Lead Generation? You Can Pay by Task Too

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Yes, You Really Can Have SEO (And Turtle Burgers) Your Way

Pay for performance means we take responsibility, but as a partner we also get some authority. Here are other options that give you the benefit of a strong SEO and lead generation system, without loosing any control.

Required Content Marketing Competencies

As noted, there are times when content marketing works and when it doesn't. No one can predict what a search engine will and won't do, but there's plenty of industry experience that gives you a strong indicator. Plus you have to evaluate whether the effort will provide a proper return on in investment. Take a look at our pay-for-performance SEO success factors page for a high level list. If we feel your program would work with us getting our compensation from performance, you can be pretty sure it will work for you investing your own money.

In addition to standard SEO tools such as keyword research, site analysis and content creation, here are some of the individual programs that we use for either system, but which can be "costed" individually for those who want more of a fee-for-service compensation arrangement:
  • Find an Advocate - for sales organizations that need to generate a lead that will serve as an internal promoter
  • Buyer Interest Monitor - a way of continually reaching out to prospects and gaging their qualification level
  • Distributor Selling Enhancement - if you are selling through distributors or wholesalers, to make sure you are reaching through their sales organization to their prospect base
  • Prospect List Builder - making sure that anyone who is contacted, from website visitors to networked contacts, are added to your promotional list
  • Visitor-to-Lead - to take advantage of website visitors who don't convert traditionally with ways that identify even passive visitors

Working With You How You Want, And Where You Are

While we have programs that we repeatedly use (mainly because they work), we can tailor these to many situations. For example, the above is a method of managing the content process for a large organization that wanted to balance the workload between us, their marketing department and their business unit. Almost all of these programs can scale up or down, be tuned for various levels of oversight and approvals and be deployed on a staged basis to prove efficacy.