Building Your Prospect List May Not Be Fun, But It Sure Can Be Profitable

A lot of people come to your website and leave, but you don't know who they are. Here's How To Change That Forever.

One way to identify some of your more motivated visitors is to offer opportunities for them to volunteer their contact information. But How? Answer: Offer them an information "deal they just can't refuse."

Benefits of High Affinity Content Marketing

Irrelevant advertising has some major flaws which are remedied by highly relevant content marketing. With typical uninvolved on-line marketing, the ads interrupt potential customers when they aren't seeking for solutions. High affinity marketing targets enticing, useful messaging at the correct point in the interest building stage, when knowledge is being collected and initial solutions are being formulated. The result: More interest, more affinity and ultimately more sales.

Providing tremendously relevant content has proven to help businesses grow you’re their prospect lists with qualified leads, by consistently offering valued content that draws potential customers in and highlights your expertise. Some of the key benefits of high affinity content marketing include:
  • You give customers what they want in exchange for their permission to receive follow-up marketing messages from you. This attracts a more targeted audience than traditional marketing does.
  • Content marketing educates your potential customers so that they are more willing and ready to make purchases.
  • Content gets shared online so your marketing messages can get additional circulation and exposure for free.
  • Enhancing your content improves your SEO rankings and increases traffic to your website.

Where Does High Affinity Content Come From?

High affinity content marketing sounds hard to compile but it need not be. In fact, subject matter doesn't have to be entirely new. As the above company learned from an analysis we did of their "information assets," some of this content can come directly from the information you have already worked so hard to add to your website. We can help you enhance your website and grow your content offerings and then show you how to maximize your advertising potential with this new content.

Prospects Will Readily Give You Their Contact Information - Here's How To Make It Worth Their While
Your prospecting lists will grow if you offer visitors personally useful, career-advancing content in exchange for their email addresses or other contact information. This content should include:
  • Technology comparisons and guides – We can create comparative technology and application guides that inform your visitors in an unbiased and useful way - solutions you have expertise in that can help them solve problems. Your visitors can download these resources from your website.
  • “Curated” Knowledge Bases – Well organized, valuable lists of online references are still valuable in niche areas, particularly if summarized well. These extensive articles lists in your area of expertise can appear on your website to attract new visitors. This can appear in a "resources" section or be packaged as a special offer in exchange for a visitor's contact information.
  • “Super Reviews” – These in-depth reviews of products and services that go beyond typical, biased reviews can be extremely valuable. Examples include detailed “product tear downs” or lab-based independent testing. These reviews do not have to be of, or even include, your own products, but must be related in some way. For example, if your product uses a certain type of accessory, or is intern used by other products, you can review “up or down the chain of use.”
  • Research/Technical Commentary – Providing additional explanation and interpretation of key studies, technical or application information (such as engineering texts, analysis or processes) can be particularly helpful to prospects as they work through their solutions. It also positions your company as having more interest and expertise than your competitors who do not provide this additional insight.

The more resources you have to offer your potential leads, the more likely they are to acknowledge your credibility and volunteer their contact information in exchange for some of your knowledge. Once you have adequate content to offer, you can also pursue a more pointed marketing campaign by calling or following up with your leads after seeing what areas of information they have requested.