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Wasting money on non-productive website sales and lead generation traffic? You're not alone. As you've probably discovered, here's why the risk is very high with most paid traffic-building approaches:

  • You pay even if there's no traffic (With pay per results, you pay only if there's actual traffic or lead generated, depending on the program..)
  • There's no shared risk (With pay per results, we have a financial stake in making sure you succeed.)
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Bottom Line =
Less Risk

We have many programs for generating higher quality web-based traffic and/or converting that traffic to viable leads or sales. Common to all is that rather than typical "fee-for-service" search engine marketing (SEM) companies, we share in the risk of generating those leads and sales. Because of this, we do all we can to make sure the program isn't wasting your money or ours. This is the primary value of this program over other SEM managers who provide little assurance of generating any type of response.

On the other hand, no one wants a vendor to turn into a partner for life. None of our programs are offered on a "take it or leave it" basis. That means we mutually decide on the type and mechanisms for risk sharing which can include:

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If generating traffic with commission-based SEO isn't for you, check out our more traditional (but more effective) fee-based SEO services.
Prospect access is getting harder, even with established sales relationships. Increasingly companies are turning toward developing internal advocates instead.
With increasingly large prospects to nurture, how do you know whose more likely to buy now? Try creating a buyer readiness monitoring process.
Distributors, wholesalers, resellers and sales reps serve many customers. Here's a way to get them to make you a constant priority.
What good is doing emails if your list isn't up-to-date and growing. We've got some easy ways to keep adding qualified names all the time.
Over 95% of your website visitors never turn into any type of lead. But there are ways to drastically improve that number.

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